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My Family and I
13 pictures
Added Oct 9 by Cindy

Random Photos & Things
12 pictures
Added Oct 9 by Cindy
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  October 4 Cindy's Birthday
  October 16 Arnold's Birthday
  October 31 Halloween
  November 1 Chris' Birthday
  November 23 Thanksgiving
  December 9 Eddie's Birthday
  December 25 Christmas
  January 1 Jason's Birthday
  January 1 New Year's Day
  January 5 Loyr's Birthday
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January 2006 Newsletter
Added Jan 7 by Cindy Adams

New baby picture
Added Sep 17 by Erica
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 Random Photos & Things
 New baby picture

Hi Family!
Thank you for all the kind e-mails. Michael Thompson and I had our first baby. Here is the first pic. There is more to come. Oh! By the way, my new e-mail address is

Erica Thompson
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We just had our 5th family reunion! I just want to thank everyone for coming. The day was so clear as you can see. B) I would like to thank my husband, Jason Adams, for sending out all the invitations and making the phone calls. Thank you, Chris, for the wonderful food(!) Next time, be more careful when you cook the hot dogs. :P Also, check out this cool calendar program at []. :) That's what's new.

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Random Photos & Things

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